alina kneepkens

De Afspraak


After the attacks in Brussels artist Kamagurka realizes he knows very little about Muslims. He only sees the news reports where they’re mostly portrayed as terrorists or refugees. But what about the majority, the Muslims who don’t make it to the news? Kamagurka wants to hear their voices; how do they coop with their religion in these times and the perception towards islam.

For ‘de Afspraak’ Kamagurka made this portrait with hiphop artist Salah Ibnou Kacemi from Nomobs. Watch it here.

With Warda El-Kaddouri, Kamagurka learns about Navid Kermani, Nietsche and a new wave of green muslims. Watch it here.

Kamagurka attends an islam class by Bahattin Kocak. Watch it here

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