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So Ashton Kutcher shared a video I directed. What’s all that fuss about?

‘Over Eten’ from flemmish public broadcaster VRT brings reports on what we know about food today. Where does it really come from and how is it produced? I got the assingment to direct some reversed stories showing the production of some of our food and dishes. I saw quite a few slaughter houses and examples of both industrial and artisin food production. A true eye opener.

‘Jelly’ is candy. But only few people know they’re made of gelatine from the skin of pigs. Sweet?

Want to share this video? Please be so kind to mention: ‘‘Over Eten’’ (What we know about Food) is a tv show focussing on our present knowledge about food, produced by the news department of flemish public broadcaster VRT , Belgium. This ‘Gelatine’ video tells the reversed story of how gelatine candy is actually produced. Starting from wrapped candy, going all the way back to the living pig. Just by showing a series of reversed images it reveals a detailed and truthful story on daily foods and its origin. This video ‘Gelatine’ is one in a series of reversed stories on sugar, crisps, black pudding, rabbit stew, lamb burger, pastry and mozzarella. credits for ‘Gelatine’: director Alina Kneepkens, research Greet Verhaert, editor in chief Bart Mutton, concept Mario Mertens.
to follow OVER ETEN on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Overetentv

Want to read some af the articles after this video went ‘viral’?  Check Huffington Post, Marie Claire or Aplus.com

Full credits:

Music: ‘New Error’ by Moderat

Director: Alina Kneepkens

Research: Greet Verhaert

Editor in chief: Bart Mutton

Director Over Eten: Mario Mertens

Camera: Kris Deschamps, Rolf Lemmens, Bart Deherdt for 2punt8 & Stijn Coene for Geronimo

Sound: Pascal Braeckman, Johan Somers for de klankmannen, Thomas Van Baelen for Geronimo  & Caroline Pellecom.

Edit: Dries Tolleneer, Philippe Piffet, Gunter Braem, for Het Huis.

Want to see more of my work for ‘Over Eten’? click here.


10 thoughts on “Over Eten”

  1. Thank you for making this film. You are a true artist because you make people feel something when they watch this. In North America, we are very separated from the processes foods go through before we buy them in the store.

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    • Hi Juliana, thank you for your kind words. When you say ‘people feeling separated from the processes food go through’, I think you point out a sentiment more and more people experience worldwide. It’s a good thing consciousness is growing on the origins of what we eat. In my opninion eating is very often about emotion, therefore finding truth on the origins of food, makes for an interesting mental process. For ‘Over Eten’ I also made some reversed stories on rabbit stew and black pudding, which you can see here: https://alinakneepkens.net/over-eten/ These videos are the result of collaborating with an amazing team, with editor in chief Bart Mutton, researcher Greet Verhaert and great camera crews and editors!


      • Juliana Bertelsen says:

        I look forward to watching your other videos, and sharing them with my contemporaries. So glad you have a wonderful team to work with; accomplishing successful projects does take teamwork and cooperation; thanks also to Bart Mutton, Greet Verheart and the camera crews and operators. Good that the video was allowed to be made!


  2. Hello Alina, thank you very much for that awesome videos about food. I have seen all three of them. The one about the sausage touched me the most, as I like eating it a lot. In my opinion there must be a change in industrial food production. The way it is today is unethical. In the end I am sorry for asking you a banal question: Could you please tell me the name of the song, which you have used in the video about gummy bears?

    Greetings, and please go on making these videos.



    • Hi Jan, thank you for your reaction. The song in the gelatine video is by ‘Moderat’ called ‘New Error’.
      I will do my best- together with the outstanding team of Over Eten- to go on making more videos like these.
      All the best, Alina.


  3. modmomblog says:

    thank you for answering the question my child asks me why as a vegan i don’t like marshmallow + jellies.
    i mistakenly thought gelatin was made from ground bones and hoofs (like glue).
    (Jello and Knox gelatin advertised as aid to strengthen finger nails and hair)
    my mom friends are always pressuring me to give candy to my child.
    they are seduced by the artificial colors, shapes, smells,packaging, advertising…


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