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I work freelance as director, journalist, showrunner & editor in chief for film and tv.

Commisioned as a director I will construct a concept, carry out the storytelling and find the ultimate visual mode for your story. I have expertise in different formats and fields;  reports, documentaries, trailers as well as narratives for advertising, corporate and NGOs.

Working as a journalist I like to focus on the things that do work in our world today or the subjects that I feel are being underappreciated. I have a special interest in food- and health subjects.

Currently I am writing a tv mini series on the Belgian culture of fraude and developping a documentary series on alternative political systems.

Would you like to know more? drop me a line.

°1978, Belgium. Educated in fiction film, experienced in acting (Bronks, Tristero, Terug Naar Oosterdonk) and presenting (TV Brussels).


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