Terzake: Audits VK14

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Terzake is a daily program on current affairs. During the election campaign of 2014, I designed a concept for an external panel of 8 people to audit extensively the flemmish political parties and the resigning governments: ‘Terzake14: de Audit’

It was a huge project, but one of the greatest so far.

In order to get the pasword to see the films below; drop me a line at alina.kneepkens@me.com



regie: Alina Kneepkens   montage: Stijn Declercq for Kadenza   sound: Nick Van Looy
DOP: Kristiaan Grauwels  – Rolf Lemmens & Kris Dechamps for 2punt8  – Anton Van Reempts en Frank Dewaele for Kellys Heroes
redactie: Jonas Muylaert, Isabel Junius, Marieke Lust, Karl Leenkneght
vintage design tafel en stoelen Pellegrinidesign
locatie: WTC TOREN I, Brussel.
muziek: Walking City by Freefarm

trailer audit Brussels


Some background info by a Belgian politician who was not so fond about this format: http://www.demorgen.be/tvmedia/tobback-koelt-woede-op-terzake-b943b549/

To see more work for Terzake, click here.

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