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Check-Point Russia

EN – Just how happily will the collaboration between Donald Trump en Vladimir Putin be? When Putin was re-elected president in 2012, Russia was considered to be a partner by the EU. Nearly 5 years later the EU is arming itself against possible Russian aggression. […]

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what I do

I work freelance as director, journalist, showrunner & editor in chief for film and tv. Commisioned as a director I will construct a concept, carry out the storytelling and find the ultimate visual mode for your story. I have expertise in different formats and fields;  […]

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Over Eten

So Ashton Kutcher shared a video I directed. What’s all that fuss about? ‘Over Eten’ from flemmish public broadcaster VRT brings reports on what we know about food today. Where does it really come from and how is it produced? I got the assingment to […]


De Afspraak

After the attacks in Brussels artist Kamagurka realizes he knows very little about Muslims. He only sees the news reports where they’re mostly portrayed as terrorists or refugees. But what about the majority, the Muslims who don’t make it to the news? Kamagurka wants to […]

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Panorama ‘Basic Income’

The documentary on ‘Basic Income’ was aired december 2014 and helped to renew a lively debate within political parties, universities and many collectives on the desirability of unconditional basic income for every Belgian citizen. Together with Jozef Devillé (author of ‘The Sound Of Belgium‘), I […]

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Terzake: Audits VK14

Terzake is a daily program on current affairs. During the election campaign of 2014, I designed a concept for an external panel of 8 people to audit extensively the flemmish political parties and the resigning governments: ‘Terzake14: de Audit’ It was a huge project, but […]

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Trailers – Mark Eyskens for PHARA

‘… CD&V-politicus Mark Eyskens speelt hierin de hoofdrol. Op 21 september 1981 moest hij de val van zijn regering aankondigen. De trailer last haast naadloos het legendarische archiefbeeld met een hedendaagse oproep om naar het programma te kijken aan elkaar… Het tweede deel van de […]

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Advertising: Camping Canvas

Doing advertising directly with the client; pure bliss. No competition hassle and focusing straight on the idea. If one finds herself eventually in the house of a well respected philosopher as Etienne Vermeersch, magic is bound to happen. To see more advertising work click here.

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