Koppen is a human interest program by flemmish public Broadcaster VRT. I directed  numerous reports for Koppen, therefor in an attempt towards Belgian effiency, I here lined up the ones I worked on as journalist and director.

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‘BDSM’ tells the story of a Ghent based student assocation named Kajira, which was officially recognized. Somewhat special since they work around Bondage, Domination, Submission & Masochism. After the besteller ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ also the flemmish public feels more confident to explore this sexually. The students of Kajira explain how practising bdsm is more about sexual orientation than a freakshow.

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Eindredactie: Pascal Seynhaeve reportage: Gonda De Beule, Ilse van Lysebeth & Alina Kneepkens. Camera: Stijn De Moor, Fiip Vaerewijck, Stijn Coene, Jeroen Vermeyelen Sound: Sofie De Blieck, Caroline Pellecom, Ben Joos Montage: Jean Tournicourt

‘Silent Luxury’ is a report on the growing interest of people staying short term in monasteries and silence hotels.

camera: Stijn Coene geluid: Marius Acke montage: Stijn Declercq regie: Alina Kneepkens research: Celine Willmore eindredactie: Pascal Seynhaeve


In 2014 I pitched the idea for a reporter of our news department to go without sugar for a while. Tim Verheyden took up the challenge and made this report.

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