short films

Sens Unique (2002)

An old couple leaves for a small roadtrip. Seven days later they’re found abroad by the police as they stranded with their car, completely desorientated, dehydrated and exhausted. What happened?

cast: Bella and Henri Wajnberg
director and screenwriter: Alina Kneepkens
cinematographer: Marc Redmijer and Dimitri Karakatsanis
editing: Els Voorspoels
sound: Jan Van Hende and Raf Enckels for Noise Reduction
music: Wim De Wilde

  •   International Filmfestival of Flanders, Ghent, 2002.
  •   Bronksfestival Brussels, november 2002.


Vous Qui Passez (2001)

An announcer in a railway station goes ‘off the rails’ in his announcements in the last hours before his retirement. A civil servant spends his last day at work as announcer at a railway station, before retiring. From his isolated position, he starts singing the song ‘Vous qui passez sans me voir’ for the casual passersby.

Director: Alina Kneepkens.
Production country & year: Belgium – 2001
Length: 15 min
Producer: Wim de Wilde
Screen play: Alina Kneepkens
With: Alexandre Von Sivers, Annabel Schellekens, Simon André, Lieve Van Strijthem
Camera: Ruben Impens
Editor: Geert Bové
Sound design: Jan Deca
Music: Dvorák, Django Reinhardt, Harry Dungen
Medium: Video
  •  International Filmfestival of Flanders, Ghent, 2001 (Special Mention for ‘Vous Qui Passez’).
  •  Bronksfestival, Brussels, 2001.
  •  International Filmfestival of Rotterdam, 2002.
  • Shortfilmfest Villabasta, Houthalen, 2002.
  •  International Students filmfestival Potsdam, 2002.
  •  Courtisane Festival, Ghent, 2002.
  •  International Short filmfestival Hamburg, 2002.
  •  Cinematexas International Filmfestival, USA, 2002.


In A Landscape (2014)

Two boys. A girl. Boredom. Violence.


Director: Bernard De Rycke
Screen play: Bernard De Rycke, Alina Kneepkens
2014 @nl – 18’51” – Color
Selected for Brussels Short Film Festival.
Selected for International Film Festival Odens, Denmark.